Protection System and Licensing

The hardware dongle is your license for our software. Replacements for missing, lost or stolen dongles will be charged at the current additional license rate and for this reason may we suggest that you insure this item appropriately. Replacements for faulty or damaged dongles will be charged at a nominal rate on receipt of the original dongle.

Wolfson software packages can be purchased with two licensing options: a Single License hardware dongle or a Network hardware dongle.

Single License Hardware Dongle

This hardware lock is a USB 2.0 key holding a perpetual or time-limited license for your Wolfson software. The dongle can be used on any Windows machine and is compatible with Windows 7, 8.1 and 10, 32 and 64 bit. If the dongle is removed, the software will not run. Single License dongles are for local use only ie will not work on Remote Desktop.

Network Hardware Dongle

This hardware lock is a USB 2.0 key for up to 100 perpetual licenses. Any machine of the network can act as a license server. Licensed Wolfson programs run seamlessly both on the server and the clients. If the dongle is removed, the client/server connnection fails, or the maximum number of licenses has been reached, the software will not run. Guidance on setting up a network license for Wolfson Software is provided in this technical note.

Note: All Softlok dongles (USB and Parallel Port) are being phased out, as that protection technology is now end-of-life. The latest installations of our software require new Sentinel HASP USB hardware locks, which have enhanced security and functionality. The cost of upgrading to a single license Sentinel HASP dongle is £110.00, which includes secure and trackable shipping. The new dongle will be shipped on receipt of payment and the old dongle.

This information was last updated on 5th September 2022.